The BookStop Coffee Shop

Maryville has one coffee shop that I know of that is not on campus. I decided to pay it a visit today to see what it was like. The Book Stop Coffee Shop delivered the coffee and managed to do it well. Situated on main street between 2nd and 3rd, the Book Stop is right on my way to work! They have a decent but simple setup with good coffee and excellent service! As you walk in, you seem to get both the smell of coffee (yum!) and books. The majority of the shop is set up for books and antiques, but there are plenty of tables set up at the front for patrons. If you're in town visiting, go ahead and stop by. You won't be disappointed!

BookStop Coffee Shop

Time to ride more

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Well, I've been working on getting my computer into a new setup. With the seemingly serendipitous releases of Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.04, and Sabayon 4.1 all within 5 weeks, I figured it was time to wipe the compy and triple-boot.

Well, now that I have  a mostly functioning boot of the three OS's, it's time to get back outside and do some more riding. Time to wear out my new bike!

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Biking in the Rain


The spring rains have returned and I have been reminded how much fun it is to ride in the rain! This week saw us with mutiple storms day-to-day and a few well timed ones too! A few days ago, we had a well timed mid-day storm that rolled in in perfect time with my return to work. The more I ride in the rain, the more I wish it could just rain all the time! It's the perfect way to stay cool & have fun while riding.

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Lots of Crazies

Stop Sign
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Wow, yesterday was insane. Usually I only get 2 or 3 drivers doing stupid things around me each week, but yesterday I had 3 in the same day! Oh well, too bad there is no way to rid the world of stupid behavior but it sure would be nice. It would make me feel a whole lot safer if people would just give me room when they passed & not pass right in front of a stop sign. Now it's time to warm up!

Drive safe & watch for bikes.
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