Star Trek - Reboot

Spock & Kirk
Image by Eric (a.k.a. Hervé) via Flickr

Well, I got to see the new Star Trek movie. The no spoilers review is this: "kick ass!" Not to say that the movie was perfect (enough with the lense flairs already!) but this was an excelent film for any sci-fi/star trek fan. Not only did the movie contain great action sequences but our new (old) heroes came through great. Some spoilers ahead ->

I think that the characters were the strongest part of this film. The storyline, while not bad, was not what held this film up. Kirk was the charming, intelligent, confident and oh-so-stuck-up Kirk we all love; Spock managed to have some very true human moments; Checkov was weird (but that was good); Scotty was amazing (what's with the weird little alien dude?); Bones didn't add anything new to the character, but still, he was hilarious ('green blooded hobgoblin').

The battles were reminescent of the scale and excitement of Battlestar Galactica battles, and the effect was quite satisfying.

Overall, the movie succeded well in resurrecting the expiring Star Trek franchise and I'm looking forward to the next installment!
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