Ubuntu 9.04 RC - First Thoughts

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I had an extra hour to spare a couple of days ago so I thought, “Why not install Jaunty?” Why not indeed! Well, now my laptop is running jauntily through its paces under Ubuntu 9.04 RC.

Unlike other releases, this one was a pretty easy upgrade. Not quite as easy as installing the 9.04 remix on that Eee PC, but close.

The only problem that I ran into was that my Broadcom wireless driver was not working out of the box, but after a little tweaking, it was fine. Ubuntu recognized that there was a Broadcom driver available and downloaded it, but for some reason, it wasn’t being used. The Hardware Drivers dialog showed that the Broadcom driver as “This driver is active, but is not currently in use.” Well, after deactivating the driver, then reactivating, it was fine.

Other than the wireless driver, the rest of the install and initial setup went quite smoothly. The new themes are quite slick, and the wireless drivers now connect to WPA2 corporate networks without a problem (yay campus secured networking!).

Check out some screenshots below and let me know if you have tried 9.04 yet in the comments.

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