Installing Ubuntu 9.04 Remix on an Eee PC

A friend loaned me his Eee PC this week so that I could replace the provided Xandros distro with Ubuntu. This was my first experience with any of the low-powered netbooks, Eee PC's or otherwise, and I was quite impressed. These little machines are perfect for what they are intended for, though a larger keyboard would be a nice feature.

I was also impressed with the ease with which Ubuntu 9.04 Remix installed itself. I expected at least some trouble setting it up if not installing, but it went smoother than a greased up dog on a slip-n-slide.Getting 9.04 on a netbook like the Eee PC requires the use of a thumb-drive as there is (often) no CD drive on the netbooks. Thankfully, 9.04 has a great utility to write a install image to any sizable thumb drive with ease. Just had to download the image from the daily build site, and write it to the flash-drive with the provided utility.

Once the image was written, I just had to pop the drive into the Eee PC, restart it and boot from the flash-drive. A typical Ubuntu install dialog followed and the install went quite smoothly.

After it was installed, Ubuntu rebooted smoothly and proceeded to load the remixed distro without problem. After installing a few programs to make the environment more useful (skype, dropbox, gimp, etc...), I proceeded to try to crash it, or at least find a few bugs. No matter what I did though, I couldn't find anything apparent! So, a few screenshots and a very poor video (sorry) later, I was done. Nothing left to do but return it.

Overall I was quite impressed. As much as I like Ubuntu, I must admit that it still tends to have a few bugs early on in any release, but I couldn't find any big ones in 9.04.

Sorry for the bad quality of the video:

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