Modified Theistic Evolution

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Basically, people have 2 views on evolution... yes or no. It seems that the choice tends to be segregated on religious lines (sometimes). Those with more liberal religious views tend to approve of evolution and integrate it with their religious views (ie: agnostics or Christians that say that the creation story was not literal). Those with more conservative religious views disagree with evolution and believe that there are fundamental flaws with evolution theory (ie: fundamentalist Christians who say that since the earth is only ~7000yrs old, evolution can't work).

Growing up in a very conservative christian family/community, I have been taught about the "dangers" of evolution and on the various flaws of the theories.  As such, for much of my life, I have been opposed to the idea of evolution completely. More recently, however, I have begun to logically review and challenge my religious & philosophical views.

After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that evolution is correct... AND the Bible is correct. I believe that the earth was created in 6 consecutive days by the God of the Bible as described in the Bible. I also believe that evolution as accepted & researched by the world's scientific community is correct (or at least as correct as any current scientific theory can be).

How can I reconcile these usually conflicting views? Easily! If God is smart enough to create millions of species of animals, multi-trillions of stars, thousands of galaxies, etc. etc. etc., why must we say that he created the earth, but not evolution? I believe that God created everything in 6 consecutive days and he created it "in the middle of the story." When he was done, the universe appeared to be ~13billion years old and the evidence on the earth shows how evolution works. There was oil in the ground, fossils to be found, and some species were extinct that never really lived. If the universe is allowed to continue for millions of years, animals will evolve. It will happen because evolution is accurate and correct. There is no logical reason that evolution and a literal view of the Bible cannot coexist. (edit: see my comment here for a better explanation)

Any questions? Logical mistakes to point out? Let me know in the comments.

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