Battlestar Galactica: Requiescat In Pace

The epic story is over. Battlestar Galactica has come home, and we know the end. Overall, the series was a constant rush with very few exceptions, and the finale was no let down.

The post-mortem with many spoilers ahead...


The plan the Admiral uses to get to Hera was quite well thought out. Between using Anders to keep the hybrids quiet, jumping the raptors while still in Galactica, and ramming the base with Galactica to board it, the plan was just crazy. And apparently it was so crazy that it worked just fine. Many good men and women were lost in the fight but in the end, Hera was saved and the Galactica survived.


When Galactica first jumped in, I couldn't tell if they were even going to survive the first minute! With so many of the Cylon turrets firing at Galactica and Galactica seemingly not firing back, it seemed to be the end for our heroes.


Then Anders finally got the hybrids under control and the real exciting part began. Galactic released her birds and the raptors jumped while still on the ship! I couldn't believe it when I saw that and I was afraid for what that would do to Galactica.


Next, Galactica actually rammed the base. Really! After everything we've already seen, Adama manages to do something even ballsier! Ramming the base allowed Galactica's marines and Cylons to directly infiltrate the base and look for Hera.


Once we were shown where Hera was, we saw the Cylons already experimenting on and studying her. Thankfully it seems as though their poking and prodding didn't hurt Hera at all.


While on the Cylon base, we saw something that we were told a long time ago. The original Cylons models were still around, and man did they look good... dying. A couple times we were rewarded by seeing the new Cylon models ripping into the old ones.


Finally we see that Boomer has a change of heart and rescues Hera from the other Cylons. After bringing Hera to Athena, Helo, and Starbuck, there is just enough time for a little conversation (no hurry here) in the middle of the Cylon base before Athena shoots Boomer. Yup. Athena shoots Boomer. Poor Boomer.


Once back on Galactica with Hera, Helo manages to get himself shot and lets Hera run away setting the stage for the dream sequence tie-in. Thankfully, they managed to tie previous episodes in with the finale in ways that were very natural. The dream sequence involving Athena, Roslin, Hera, Caprica 6, and Baltar was finally brought to fruition, but did not interrupt the flow of events.


Once Baltar and Caprica 6 managed to bring Hera to the CIC, we find out that the Cylons have manages to push an assault into the CIC which obviously just concluded moments before. Unfortunately not all the Cylons had been taken care of and Cavil manages to grab Hera as a hostage. Baltar manages to give another one of his famous I-gotta-save-my-ass off-the-cuff speeches and convinces Cavil to a truce on the condition that the 5 will give them resurrection. In the middle of sending the plans to the Cylons, Chief Tyrol discovers that Tory actually killed Cally. This sends him over the edge and he kills Tory right then and there.


Of course killing Tory means that the Cylons will not be able to get resurrection and now have the insatiable urge to kill everyone. Unfortunately the Cylons in CIC are screwed and Cavil decides to kill himself. Best. Decision. Ever.


Next we see that Racetrack's raptor gets hit by another asteroid which knocks her dead hand just right so that all the nukes on board are fired at the Cylon base. Doesn't make sense at all, so it must have been God. It would have been better if she would have been just barely alive and it was her final act in life. Much better.


After the nukes hit home, Starbuck manages to jump the ship after figuring out that the song stuck in her head is coordinates for their jump. This doesn't make much sense. I didn't realize that there was a black hole that close to earth, but whatever. Anything that gets them to earth, I guess. Nice tune though.


Once all the fleet arrived at Earth, it was time to start wrapping up the series for good. We see that Roslin dies, Adama becomes a hermit, Anders runs the remaining ships into the sun, and Starbuck disappears without an explanation.

Also, once all was said and done, the whole circle started again, but not the way I thought it would. Perhaps the new earth will become Kobol for the next round. Who knows? Lets see what I got right and what I got horribly wrong:

  • “All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.” At the end, we will find out that this is all some sort of time loop and the characters we have come to love are actually the ancestors of humanity. (talk about inbreeding!) I’m guessing it has something to do with FTL drives and the black hole.

  • Baltar will decide to “selflessly” go on the mission with Galactica. Unfortunately, he will be shot (or something) during the mission. He will finally die.

  • Hera is not going to die, but it will be very close. Probably just some “exploratory” surgery.

  • The climax will be a face to face showdown between Admiral Adama and Cavil on the cylon base at the black hole. This will turn into a truce after someone else shows up. (maybe Starbuck?)

  • The cylon / human truce will have terms that the cylons will be banished to earth, and the humans will go to Kobol. Once enough time has passes that the 12 colonies are no longer glowing, they will head back to the colonies.

  • Roslin will die. Adama will cry.

  • Galactica will breathe her last.

Oh well. Can't get it all right. In any case, the end was quite satisfying.

The best mystery that they left unsolved was the "angels" seen by Baltar and Caprica 6. It was made aparent that they were more than the hallucinations of a malfunctioning 6 and a mad, egocentric fool. The question is, what are they really? After 150,000 years, they show up again on earth to discuss the future of the human race. Walking through the city, they mention that God does not like to be called "God." 0_o This makes me wonder if "God" will make an appearance in "The Plan" or in "Caprica"?


After it is all said and done, the series ends well. The climax was satisfying, and the end made sense. Now all we can do is wait to see "The Plan" and "Caprica." Speaking of "The Plan"...

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