Chances are that you have never heard of Akoha. Akoha is a new social pay it forward game with real life elements and a smoothly integrated online element. With the tag line 'Come play it forward,' Akoha is a fun and easy way to get involved in the pay it forward movement.

To play Akoha, all you need is an Akoha card. You can either get one from someone who is currently playing, or you can get your own deck to start. Once you get your card(s), you will see that there is a mission on the card. This mission might be to give someone chocolate, donate a hour of your time, or even just make someone smile. All you have to do, is complete the mission and give the card to whoever you completed the mission for. Every time the card changes hands, the holder will go online and enter the card's id number. After a while, you can go online and see just how far your cards have traveled and how many times they have changed hands.

After a while, these cards will hopefully change hands many many times, and all these people will feel the positive effects of paying it forward all because you took a chance and did something kind. If you are a Christian, this is a perfect way to practice the commandment to love your neighbour! Even if you are not a Christian, random acts of kindness won't hurt you one bit and will definitely give you a good feeling!

If you want to check out what people are saying about Akoha, check out the hundreds of tweets on it, or just head over to the Akoha website and get started with your own deck!

(via net@night)