Wireless Rant

This is a rant. It may not make sense, or even use real words all the time. You have been warned.


Northwest Missouri State University is known as the "electronic campus." Unfortunately, they seem to be the "broken electronics campus" more often than not. This year, Northwest decided to (finally) start increasing the number of wireless access points. Unfortunately, they never work. For this entire semester, it has been nearly impossible to connect with the wireless access points reliably. An access point may work great one day, but be absolutely borked the next. And it seems like they all go down at the same time. In the union, they provide both a secured and unsecured connection. You might think that you would be able to get on one if the other is not working, but you would be wrong. Any time one is down, the other is down too. And it's not just that you can't see the networks. That would be too obvious. The networks are visible but they just don't respond. It is like they're mocking you saying, "ha ha! I've got the internet here but you can't have it! Ha ha, I'm mocking you!"

*sigh* That's all I've got.

/end rant