Bicycle Repairs

shimano-7-speedLast week's snow found me riding around Maryville cutting tracks through the snow on the downtown roads and alleys. Well, aparently I rode a little too rough because the next day, I discovered that I had broken a spoke. The studded tire scraped on the fenders again and again as I rode. After truing the wheel so that it wouldn't wobble, I headed to the bike shop to get some replacement spokes. After a little uncertainty as to what size I needed, I had 3 shiny new spokes in my hands. Fast forward to Friday night when I finally had a chance to get the wheel off to work on it. After getting the tire off, I discovered something horrible! I couldn't get the freewheel off (the sprockets) to get to the hub! So, Saturday I headed back to the bike shop to get some help. With some excellent help from Randy, the right socket, and a long cheater bar, we finally got the freewheel off and I was on my way home with a new freewheel and a new chain. At last! I had everything I needed to finish my repairs. Three hours later, I was finished. I now have a repaired and trued wheel, a new chain, and a new freewheel. Yay!