Good Bye Blue Shadow

Well, I Finally Sold my Car. It took a little hassle with a junk-yard that couldn't seem to find the time (or the apartment for that matter) to pick up the car. Thankfully, Holly has a co-worker that was willing to pay the same amount and that could come over right away and get it!

Not only did I finally sold The Blue Shadow but I also found a chance to visit the bike shop in St. Joseph. The owner seemed quite knowledgeable. He found a bike in my price range that he swears will be a perfect fit, and he is willing to let me try it before I buy it!!!

Holly and I spent the day in St. Joseph on Saturday. We made the obligatory Sam's and ALDI's runs, walked around the mall, went by Kohl's, and saw the movie, "He really isn't into you." While we were there, we ate at 54th Street and Buffalo Wild Wings.

More updates on the bike to come. Stay safe & watch out for bikes.