On The Drinking Age

My opinion on the drinking age is very simple.

First, there is a disparity between some of our legal rights and responsibilities in the ages between 18 and 21. Young men have the responsibility to register to fight for their country, but they are considered too immature to drink alcohol. Your country can send you out to die, but you cant have a drink. If you can fight & die for your country, there should be nothing that it is illegal for you to do that it is legal for someone else to do. By 18, you should be able to drink alcohol. Therefore, solutions would be to either raise the service age to 21, or lower the drinking age to 18.

Second, it is theorized (and I agree) that lowering the drinking age to 18 would temper dangerous binge drinking on college campuses cross country. If alcohol was legally available to college age individuals (maybe only in bars?), perhaps they would be less likely to go to parties & drink as much as possible before the party gets busted...

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Photo by Saquan Stimpson/monstershaq2000 through Creative Commons