The Tea Table

Hot tea to warm your heart

I'll admit it, I am addicted to tea. And, no, not just any tea. High quality loose leaf tea. Some days I only drink a cup or two, but there are times that I'll drink 8-12 cups in a day! If you like tea too, click through to see my favorites:

The site that I get all my tea from is the Tea Table, a small company based in the Fort Collins area in Colorado. I have had nothing but good experiences from the tea table. They have always had suprisingly quick delivery of anything that I have ordered. They have an excelent selection of teas and herbal teas that would make any tea connoisseur busy for months trying them all. When I first ordered from them, I was a little worried about storing my tea, but when I recieved my tea I found that they package all their teas (except for samples) in resealable metallic pouches that are perfect for storing tea! Lastly, and for some this is the most important, their prices are the best I've found on the net.

So if you are looking to try tea for the first time, or you have been drinking it all your life, do yourself a favor and give the tea table a try.

Creative Commons License photo credit: janiejonesmt